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The Human Consciousness Energy System

Modern science tells us that the fabric of our body and our cells, as well as everything that exists, is made of biophotons of energy and consciousness that give form to the physical.  Every living organism is surrounded and interpenetrated by a system of consciousness and energy - of layers, form and function - that typically extends eighteen inches beyond the body. To put it simply, we have a wider + deeper anatomy.

The human consciousness energy system, also known as biofield or biosystemsupplies energy and intelligence to our cells, organs and systems in the body. It is the container for our connection to everythingThrough our biofield, we store and exchange information about the world as we experience it, including personal, family, cultural and ancestral history, in the form of thoughts, emotions, mental images and beliefs. 

Our biofield affects and reflects our consciousness. It also holds our individual CORE of essence, and is upheld by it, and the deeper aspects of Being that abound in profound peace and possibility. Any disease process, physical, emotional or mental, causes a disturbance in the consciousness, flow and structure of our biofield. It initially manifests in our body as an area of discomfort and if left untreated, it can eventually manifest as disease in the body.

The CORE of our being is creative. The creative process initiates as a spark of photonic energy deep within the Core and beyond, and travels through the multiple aspects and levels of our biofield before it reaches the physical body. Negative thoughts, traumatic memories or limiting beliefs create blocks of consciousness, of denser or stagnant energy, as well as breaks, tears, congestion in the grid-like structure of the biofield, disturbing natural expression and creative essence of who we are. Our experience of life can be an indicator of where we may be having difficulty in the creative and healing process.






Professional practice

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Barbara Brennan School of Healing:

Brennan healing science practitioners are graduates of a four-year accredited professional program of rigorous academic and clinical training, personal development, and a fundamental study of Anatomy and Physiology. They have been trained in and accomplished proficiency in many Healing Science skills. 

Brennan Healing Science is a complementary healthcare modality used to assist in healing the physical, emotional, mental, soul and spiritual aspects of an individual. It can be utilized as a part of an integrated plan for individuals with acute/chronic disease or injuries, as well as psychological trauma/disease. It can also be extremely helpful for individuals who wish to achieve a greater sense of well-being and optimal health. Brennan Science is not intended to replace traditional healthcare and treatment protocols. Rather, it is a complementary modality that enhances and supports medical treatment or a personal wellness plan. Practitioners work as part of an integrative care team.

Yoga Practice
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