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Integrative Healings

Integrative Healing Therapy 

An in-person or remote healing session to help integrate the outer and inner levels of the biofield for a deeper sense of connection to Self and integration into the physical body. The client rests comfortably, fully clothed with eyes closed.

60 minutes  $120

45 minutes $90


Biofield Reading and Healing

A remote or in person reading of the levels of the energy system around an issue or illness - to help untangle blockages of consciousness from the past or a previous existence to help align your system to present time. This can be done remotely or sitting across each other. 

60 minutes $120

30 minutes $ 60


Fertility & Conception Healing


An individual or couples healing to help prepare your energetic system and body - as well as your partners and family unit - to facilitate conception of the incoming soul. We can meet weekly or monthly before/after conception to help maintain a healthy and vibrant energy system all the way through neonatal stage. 

60 minute session $120

30 minute session $60

60 minute couple's session $150


Soul Level Healing

Recommended when a client feels that something has been lost or feels missing after trauma or a life event. This is a guided healing into the fourth level of the field of consciousness. The client rests comfortably fully clothed with eyes closed.  

60 minutes $120

**In person healings at Casa Luz include a $25 charge for room rental.

Energy Healing Center of Austin 

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