The Energy Healing Center of Austin is committed to 
supporting the process of healing and personal growth
of individuals and the community. 

The Energy Healing Center of Austin supports individuals, couples and families, who are experiencing stress, difficulty conceiving, cancer or physical illness, end of life stages, grief, as well as those who aspire to a greater connection to their life purpose and a sense of belonging, through healing sessions, education and meditation.


The nature of our work provides support to an individual at all levels of Self, including the physical, emotional, mind, soul and spiritual aspects, to help assist their process of healing and personal transformation.

We are professional practitioners with 4 years+ of training in the healing arts. We are part of a client's healing team and work along medical professionals and psychotherapists.

Our purpose is to help individuals, families and communities heal, integrate, transform and create lives that feel authentic and fulfilling to who they are.

Mother and Baby in Autumn
Romantic Walk in Sunset
Wellness Coach

Conception & Fertility

Relationships & Family Constellations

Health & Wellbeing 

Healing Practitioner


Founder, healing practitioner, educator

As founder of EHCA, Maria's vision is to expand the center and bring awareness to the nature and benefits of this work in the community, to facilitate the process of healing and support the evolution of human consciousness in the world.


Maria's training includes 7 years of rigorous professional education in energy healing science, and a deep connection and compassion for the human condition arising from her own life experience and her journey in healing. She supports clients with profound respect, professional training, hope and heart. Her work supports clients at the physical, emotional, mind, soul and spiritual levels helping  them heal and integrate all aspects of their being to live fulfilling and authentic lives. 

Maria is a graduate of the the 4-year Professional Program at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, a world-renown and accredited institution for the study of the human energy system and transpersonal psychology. She is also graduate of the 2-year CT clairvoyance program at Psychic Horizons in San Francisco and a trained practitioner at Patricia White Buffalo's shamanism program in California. In addition, she has a bachelors and masters degree in business administration & finance and held important roles in corporate environments for 17 years. 

She does remote and in-person sessions, including individual and group sessions. She also teaches Brennan Healing Science introductory courses and holds community circles for conception + cellular healing meditations.

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